Thursday, 1 December 2011

Image is everything

Forgive me for borrowing this quote from Rockstar! I am actually one of those few people who have gone crazy about the film's dialogues. But this post is not about Rockstar (although I do intend to do a review of the spectacular movie on my other blog). This is about something much more serious, but  I'll keep it brief.

There is something terribly wrong with us, men in particular. I didn't believe it was possible, but I have seen too many instances now to continue to be so naive. Here's what happened. On on of the rare occasions when I was watching a movie (Force) with friends (I prefer watching with family or alone), one of my male friends told me with a lot of conviction that Genelia D'Souza was actually fat! While I digested this, he clarified that she had a belly, which she effectively hid under her skirts...."ever noticed she never shows her belly button?" , he asked me. I had to use all my strength to reply with a serious face. "No!!!"

It was a funny conversation then, but as usual, I see a huge social problem in everything. I mean, this guy isn't slim either. Most men who criticize cinema heroines for being an inch too fat are never pictures of perfect health. What gives them the confidence to dismiss women for not being the perfect image so easily. He could have said she is a terrible actress and that would have made sense to me. But this did not, because I can't find flaws in people's looks. Which is why I never invest hours and money in cosmetic products that are the rage today, not just for women, but also for men (ever tried Fair and Lovely men's cream?)

Till a week ago, I would laugh at my female friends who would go crazy about the way they looked. But now I see that image really is everything; an image fed by the media of what a perfect body must look like. And we happily waste time, money and emotion in upholding this image, come what may.

I can only do one thing. Continue to tear up advertisements for beauty products and slimming machines and burn them chanting "Everything is image, image is everything swaha"!!

PS: Kudos to all my male friends (there are some) who have removed themselves from this craziness

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