Thursday, 2 February 2012

I am tired of this government Part 4

When I started this series, there were hardly any people who shared this opinion. By now, I guess the whole country is saying this. But I shall continue anyway.
So what's new. Nothing is the same old story. The UPA government fails to own usual!
I'm sure no one missed the 2G verdict by the Supreme Court. Did you happen to catch the press meet hosted by Mr Kapil Sibbal that followed? Here is what he has to say

  1. The Supreme Court has finally made it clear that the telecom policy is flawed and needs to be redone.
  2. The telecom policy was in fact brought in by the NDA in 2002 and they must take up responsibility for the turmoil that has followed and apologise to the country
  3. The Supreme Court has only raised its finger against Mr A Raja; the Prime Minister and Former Finance Minister Mr P Chidambaram have not been charged and are not be blamed at all
  4. The Supreme court is blaming Mr A Raja, not the Congress. The DMK still remains a strong ally
Here is what this should translate to if common sense prevails:
  1. The UPA is a brainless community and organisation.It basically relies on court orders to take actions and determine directions. 
  2. When they decided to form the government, UPA basically had no vision or clarity and followed whatever the NDA had laid on a plate for them.
  3.  The present cabinet is not a cohesive workforce. Rather each minister functions independently, free to do whatever he/she chooses to do. The Prime Minister has no control, in fact he has no knowledge of independent ministers actions at all.
  4. The Congress party will continue forming alliances with corrupt allies because all hey want is to continue to stay in power which requires the coalition to continue.
And here is what this should translate to for those who have been reading between the lines and looking behind the eyewash
  1. The UPA is defending what is indefensible and making a fool of itself. They can only point to the SC judgement and speak in those terms because they are clearly left with nothing to day and do not have the spine to own up and take responsibility.
  2. The UPA has successfully managed to ruin a great telecom policy (a policy that succeeded in bringing a telecom revolution in India that has had far reaching impacts even in rural India that could leapfrog technology to advance itself) by using favouritism, nepotism and informational assymetries. This would have far reaching impacts again.....on the entire economy and investment climate!
  3. The PM, Former FM and every other minister in the cabinet is corrupt and hand-in-glove with Mr A Raja. Playing dumb is the only thing they can do now.
  4. The UPA is formed out of allies that depend on each other to achieve only one common objective - to stay in power.......there is no common ideology or vision that binds the UPA together.
If Mr Kapil Sibbal's eyewash succeeds on even one person this time, I would have to seriously reconsider average Indian intelligence.

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