Monday, 2 May 2011

Solar is cooler!

I have been in Portland without seeing the sun for almost four days, and I realised something. We in India are just so dumb! We are willing to waste a nearly free and readily available source of power that each individual household has access to. We pray to the sun everyday (at least a lot of us do) but refuse to accept a gift nature so kindly bestows upon us. Why?

Solar powered equipment would be so much more convenient to use. And if we all started demanding it now, a good enough market with competitive prices would probably develop in India. Besides, why not rely on solar thermal power to heat water and cook food? It doesn't seem practical as yet and might be highly inconvenient with the currently available equipment. But can we at least demand anyone who cares to listen to help us access this incredible source of power (are the highly reputed IIT and DCE engineers listening)?

And finally, all the power deficit and the power theft (possibly on account of illegal residential areas stealing it) could at least be partially resolved if we started harnessing an energy source that practically greets and heats us everyday.....

Summer is coming. We allowed the rain to go waste without harvesting it. Let's at least try to use the sun while it lasts. There are other parts of the world that don't really even have the option of using this gift!

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  1. This post has given me ever more hopes of support from economists in popularizing solar as a preferred energy choice in India.

    I look forward to more of your posts on similar topics of sustainability.