Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pray for Japan

I understand that Climate Change is nature's way of telling us that enough is enough. What I've not understood so far is that why are its victims usually those societies which are less responsbile, if not the least.

Australia, a very green and clean region, has a hole in the ozone layer when highly consumeristic societies like the US, India and China are probably responsible for much of the gases that caused the layer to deplete in the first place. The worst flooding hits Australia. A catstrophic tsunami affected Indonesia and back home, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which is probably the least polluting part of our country. Of course, there were the flash floods and terible cyclones in the US and India as well, and those are equally horrifying. But on an average, the biggest risk of climate change is probably to the smallest and most "balaced lifetsyle" countries. The Maldives stands the risk of disappearing entirely.

And now, Japan, which has generally been a no-show off, live-in-harmony-with-nature, promote renewable energy type of society, has been struck. 

I really feel bad, because nature is giving us, the over-consumptive, really polluting societies so many chances, and we aren't terrorised enough yet to take some important steps. And all I can do to support others who have faced nature's fury, is pray.

And so I write today, requesting anyone who reads this, whether or not believe in God, and whichever God you do believe in, to take a minute everyday to pray for the people of Japan, and for millions of people who have been hit by catastrophe in the recent past. Pray everday, and a million prayers might make a difference!


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