Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Fairytale Wedding

I don't have too much to write for this one.....any words I write won't express how "right" the wedding felt. But I must tell whoever cares to listen, that I just attended the perfect fairytale wedding at Kolkata.

And nature bore testament to the fact that this is indeed a perfect match - now and forever. Just after the wedding ceremony got over, it drizzled slightly, and in the sparkling droplets was reflected God's approval. And then came nature's gift - a heavy and breathtakingly beautiful downpour just as the lovely new bride waved heer final goodbye before setting off to a new sunrise.

Today, I am certain that matches are made in heaven.....this one at least certainly was.....just like a Fairytale

.....And they all lived happily ever after.... :-)

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